Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hello,everybody.It is weekend again and tomorrow church time too.Here now at Philippines still always raining.Maybe it become one month always raining.We know and i know somebody heard about the news some part here at Davao having big flood and landslide and it is so very pity of many residence stay this place.There houses,farms and everything.But we are thankful that we are faraway this accident.It is January now and why is it look like on December the weather now?And i don't know this and no idea.Even we are having rainy days always here but is not like flood.But here before near at Maasin city we have been here also landslide.Many people died and some having wound too.Our life we did not know when we leaving in this world right?Only god knows all this if ever you do good and bad things in world.But anyway this is accident this god made is not people making.Rain now and winds blowed is very cold look like having s now.I just keep staying inside but i feels very cold.Some people say here that the snow at Amerika transfer here at Philippines.And i just imagine,wow what is the looked at Philippines having snow that we are prefer already very heat of sun.Well,it is only imagine but it is impossible.And now i been only stay here inside at house doing only little housework like cooking rice,wash dishes,sweep the floor inside at house and sit here visit the many site at the EC.I been watching one of the famous Tv show wowowee,and i was very interesting watching today it's because it is finalist of the fitrum show.Wow,they are very sexy and so beautiful girls and very lucky to those winner in miss fitrum 2008 constentant number 26,she lived at Davao.I think she can't believe it as i see and looked at tv screen ,she been crying becuase out of 28 contestant she is the one winner.Then, while i was watching of this show my stomach was pain and 2 times back at comfort room and i said to my aunties and she give me medicine and now it's better.Oh yes,this is now what i am doing today and heard and see and feel.After we been finished chatting to my hubby now,i direct to do this blog.And to all i can say happy weekend everybody.

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