Monday, January 19, 2009


Hi guys,it is Monday today the first day to going work and school.But in my situation now no more job and stop studying is not so busy day.This day i been up at 7 am again likewise yesterday,but i been doing only open the curtain at window and sweep inside and outside of the house.After eating breakfast ofcoures wash the dishes then.Then,i have no choice to stay inside here in room open this computer then visit the many site here of EC.Today is my second day of my mens is not so painful i feels little good and hope so it will be over.As a wife is not easy to stay faraway with our partner i feel very lonely,very boring.It's very tired waiting the confirmation of visa like last time we are expecting also my hubby then when the time i was got the letter from embassy i was feels not comfortable while i was reading the letter then i read this words,the Royal embassy of manila was sadly to rejected this application.Then,i didn't cry at this time because i am not alone when the the time i been alone and it is overnight i been crying.And now waiting again,then i don't know the result again this time.You know what is the reason why my visa was rejected it's only is not long time we spent time living with my partner,then how come my partner can stay long time with me he had work and only few days vacation in a year.Hubby angry about this but he think no choice we need to accept.Yeah,waiting so long time and as i said to hubby i am tired waiting and he also tired of waiting.How ever is not the end of the world of waiting ,i know and i hope so i can get this visa soon.Hope so God i will have this visa soon as possible.Happy Monday anyone.

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