Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nestle milo drink

Hi,anyone.I know nestle Milo is familiar to everybody but i want you know that Milo is my favorite to drink i was been buy this in a few days before i got sick in a little groceries here in my town. I like this very much because it is a tonic food drink and it is more nutritious and very delicious.And i was buy 600g and and it is worth of 115 pesos.And i like this very because it have natural goodness of Proto malt,milk,cocoa plus Actigen-E.And have also malt extract with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients and body needs.Have also combination of b vitamins and micronutrients and good source of niacin,phosphorus,iron and calcium level with enriched levels of vitamins B1,B6,B5,B8,Magnesium and Vitamin C to help optimize the release of energy from protein,carbohydrate and fat in our food this is Milo is from Philippines.While i have sick i was drink this and its very good to your body it can have added energy that is what i have been experiences and this what i was drink every morning.And my cousin she is now from USA Wisconsin,she been choice she was tying to a US Milo and she taste not good and she was prefer to Philippines Milo it is really good and very sweet.Have many kind of Milo,it have a chocolate bar,Milo drinks in can.and in Milo sachet.,or in bottle ,and etc..

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