Thursday, December 18, 2008

One week before christmas

From now,one week before Christmas time,many people busy to prepare food for "nuche buena",they will go to shopping at mall they other stay at city like in Manila City.I heard now at news much people they problem now the stocks of the groceries no more stocks for the food for preparing this coming Christmas.Mostly at city they want at mall or market but here at province only here at town buy some food for this.We counting now the days before the Christmas.Some people prepared for the present things to give there special someone for the parents ,couple,daughter,son,grandfather,grandmother,aunt,uncle and neighbor and other relatives because this is the special day for sharing love,sharing blessing.Mostly this is the happiness that all moment in Christmas have all family binds together.Celebrating the time when Jesus Christ was born.Having fun!Enjoy the happiness this time if all family have stay together.But for me many Christmas maybe i am unhappy,this last Christmas i am staying with my boss not to my family.And my family too not celebrate this time only they are sleeping.Because after father got sick,we are problem with us financial and medicine for him.The income for my brother not exactly and me i am also give a little for the consume only everyday with them.No more extra to have some special food to celebrate.But its ok,even we problem this we also thankful to god that we are still alive to continue life ,i know god stay with us all the time we know,he have for all to help to listen if we pray we hope next Christmas my family binds together and accept that this is the destiny with father life hopefully that we have always good health,we can 3 times a more sick,no more accident if have some little problem i hope it will solve then.I am hoping that this Christmas i will be in my husband but so sad i was denying my visa,i was crying the time i was receive the visa and was think to that we have chances that my visa granted soon maybe god have some reason why it is happen. But very sad that my husband celebrate alone this Christmas.He got angry and sad he was expecting that i will be come him this Christmas but he thinks too that this is not the end of the world we have many chances time,but we need to wait.We have no choice we need to wait soon and pray that my visa it will granted.This is the another challenging in life that stay faraway with my dear husband and long time didn't meet again.Since we are married on last June until now we did not meet again.Maybe there some reason why god do this way with us....

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