Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life is full of up and down

I am Julieta from Philippines.I am 21 years old,married.Graduating only in high school,5'5" i think my height and tanned the color of my skin.I am not good looking at personality but i have very good deeply inside attitude.I am tying to do this blog even i am only high school graduate,not so good in English but i want to try so that i can learn and progress my grammar.I believe that try and try until i will success.I choose to make title "life is full of up and down" because this is like at the situation in my family.First of all,i am from very poor family live at mountain.My father is a farmer,mother is a housekeeper.I am the eldest daughter and only one sister the third one and 4 brothers.In Philippines mostly Filipino here are poor.And one of this my family,my little house at mountain at Aguingay Alegria Bato Leyte Philippines 6524.From now,we are belong at life full down,even we are poor and i am willing to finish school as a working student,work at day then at night at school here at Hilongos VOcational School Hilongos Leyte.
while was i am at the time that the final year that i will graduate so sad my father was accident at that year 2005,he was getting the leaves of the top tree so that,he will want to feed the carabao but in accidentlly the intirely tree was cut and fall down then the right thigh of my father was cut the bone and this time and this place no more people living but father do thing that he can move to have people and he was got then he bring at general hospital at Hilongos Leyte.But doctor was said that we will transfer at maasin city hospital and very problem with my family is financial so this time mother was decided to stop me at school but i was say ;mother i don't want to stop even i will stop i cannot well father and i always advance money to my boss and even i don't have more money because i was supposed to give them for the needed at hospital.Then,of helping in my relatives father got operation then he was supposed to stay at hospital to well but mother was decided to go home because no more budget to still stay long at hospital..While got home he have some medicine want to take but no more budget to support that,thats why until now my father cannot well,almost 4 years we did not bring father back at doctor to check if what happenned his thigh now.I am hopefully i can got work soon so that i can't bring father at doctor and have operation but i didn't know when it will be happen.i am only graduate in high school.

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