Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nestle fresh milk

Hello guys,Merry Christmas to everybody and enjoy the holidays!You know and i know that we are knowing this Nestle fresh milk.AM i buying yesterday this fresh milk at neighbor town here in my town,and it is cost or worth 63.75 pesos at content 1000 ml.This fresh milk we can introduce to our family that we make milk expert for over 140 years experiences of this milk.Nestle fresh milk 100 percent fresh cow's milk.And it is build stronger and healthier to our bones.And also helps in our calcium strengthening in our child's bones and milk is one of the sources of calcium.And also to our mother this is good also to our health.Like me i like this to drink because it is good and it is from cow's milk and it is imported milk produced from new Zealand and for nestle Philippines Inc.

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