Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello everybody! Finally, I am full time to update now here in blog corner becuase yesterday after at Norwegian coures I was directly visited one of my Filipino woman who married also a Norwegian man. She was invited me to be there until my husband finished at work. My husband worked at night time so while waiting with him I just there with them house until my husband got me almost midnight.
We cooked [sinigang] my favorite! We cooked also( pancit) but it just only my husband was aten on it becuase I was still fully after eating so much of sinigang soup. Anyway, sinigang is the Filipino dishes with soup, vegetables,meat and etc. And then, when we got home no more still time to update here because we need also to slept early so that I went at achool today. And now, I can roaming around by visiting and dropping in your every corner. See you all..Have a nice day all together.

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