Friday, March 26, 2010


I rather to say thank you to who comment that  need to post her.Well,yeah i think so.But  cannot promise  if i can update everyday.Because sometimes i cannot use the computer of this connection problem.I like to blog, post and tell truth  history.I wrote some her those what been doing and happening.Look like my conditions and those i did it.We can say how my life goes on daily lives.Within day and night,we noticed that my world now is the place where is very cold.Norway is one of the coldest country that belong in North pole.That's also Harstad belong but we are little lucky here because in one a year the weather divided into four times.Which i mean in the months of   December and January that is winter season  and it's twenty four hours darkness. It's very amazing world all day and night no light.Some people got mine grain because of no more shine in the sun.And the different are  this  coming March 21,it will be 12 hours light and night.They are good now it sames like normal weather where i come from but  cold here than there.In this coming June and July i didn't know how it will worked they say it is midnight sun..Wooohhh..What kind of weather that i don't really think so if  can sleep that time  all day and night  sunshine..Uhuhu..But within this coming October 21 they are same of this March.Yehhhhhhey.I didn't yet fall down in the snow within normal walked but i was falling many times when  trying to ski.Hehehe..I think i need to practice more and more so that i will be very good then..We can see..

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