Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am back

Hello anyone,it so long time i did not write here.From the last time i been here on last April.I don't know what i going to write here but i just want to continue my blog as a blogger even i have some problem about my English.But i am a woman that only hoping that hope someday or soon i can do the right way to have a good blogger.Since April i did not make a new post because i was feel ashamed about my English and grammar.And i was problem the computer in my cousin and on May until June my husband was with me and this September too.On last June 8 i been interview at the Embassy Manila and until now i don't have yet result.Husband was always calling,sending message and the immigration in Norway.They said that processing time is around 12 months maximum.But we are almost waiting 10 months now from when we applied.Feel so crazy of waiting but no choice.


Lanie, said...

Hi Juliet, welcome back. Don't worry about your english and not everyone is perfect anyway. Keep writing and someday you'll be good in it. Glad to hear from you. It's good that your husband came and staying with your for 2 months. What is going on with your visa? It might be the same processing here in U. S. once you got married in the Philippines. It took 2 years before makapunta dito. It might be the same law over in norway. Keep praying for your papers will come very soon.

julieta said...

H ow are you ate Lanie?Yeah,i am back now but my husband not staying with me in two months.What i mean is he was with me last May until June then after 3 months he going back here in Philippine this September 2009.And my visa still waiting after i been on last June 8 for an interview.They said that this visa we applied takes 12 months processing and its maximum.take care ate..